1922 b. December 12th. in Tervuren, Belgium
     Belgian Writer and Painter and creator of Logogramms.
  1939 Paris. Sept a night on Rimbaud's tomb.
     Affair with Regine Raufast.

  1940 Published a collection of his poems  Ancienne Eternite.

  1941 Staying in Paris. 
     Met Picasso. 
     Contributed to La Main a Plume.
     Meets Marcel Marien who publishes his Le Corps grand ouvert.

  1943 signs pamphlet Nom de Dieu an attack on Georges Bataille.

  1945 Contributed to La Terre n'est pas une valle de larmes edited and published 
     by Marcel Marien.

  1948 One of the founders of Cobra with Karel Appel, Constant, Corneille, Asger Jorn, and Joseph Noiret. 

  1951 Hospitalized in Denmark with tuberculosis.

  1953 Contributed to Le Ciel Bleu with Marcel Marien and Paul Colinet.

  1979 d. August 20th. in Buizinguen of Tuberculosis.

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