1918 b. May 11th daughter of Paul Eluard and Gala

  1929 Gala goes off with Salvador Dali and Cecile goes to live with her paternal 
    grandparents in Paris.

  1937 Photo by Man Ray -      L-R ~> - 
    Nusch Eluard, Valentine Penrose, Roland Penrose, Paul Eluard,
    Pablo Picasso, C├ęcile Eluard.

  1940 Fleeing Paris ,went to find her mother at a villa in Arcachon.
    Gala denied she had a daughter however Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray  were
    there and vouched for her.

  1946 divorces first husband, the poet Luc Decaunes ~>.
    m. painter Gerard Vulliamy.

  1953 separates and divorces Gerard.
    m. Robert Valette.

  2014? Interview in the Guardian ~> aged 95.

    2016? Aug 10th. d. 

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