1898 b. Springfield, Ohio
    American Photographer

  1918 Moved to New York. 
    Shared a semi communal Greenwich Village apartment with Djuna Barnes and others.
    Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp were part of her social circle.

  1921 Went to Europe spending two years studying sculpture in Paris and Berlin.
    Among her lovers in Paris were artists' model Tylia Perlmutter and 
    sculptress and silverpoint artist Thelma Wood
  1923 - 1926 Becomes Man Ray's assistant in Paris.
    Photographed by Man ray.
  1925 Man Ray introduced her to Eugene Atget ->'s photographs. 

  1927 Helped Julien Levy buy the remainder of Aget's photographs after his death.
    During Abbott's Paris years, she photographed many figures from the worlds of 
    literature and the arts, including James Joyce, Foujita, Coco Chanel, 
    and Max Ernst; and vivid portraits of lesbians and bisexuals. 
    Among these are the younger expatriate lesbian writers Margaret Anderson, 
    Jane Heap, Sylvia Beach, Bryher, Janet Flanner and 
    Flanner's lover Solita Solano ->, as well as the artist Gwen Le Gallienne, 
    with whom she frequented gay bars; and a masculine-appearing Thelma Wood, 
    made after she and Abbott were no longer lovers. 
    Abbott also photographed Wood's new love Djuna Barnes, whose affair 
    with Wood was the inspiration for the novel Nightwood (1936). 
    She also photographed Adrienne Monnier, who was Sylvia Beach's lover; 
    the wealthy Violette Murat (Princess Eugene Murat); and artist Marie Laurencin, 
    a bisexual who may have had an affair with Murat. 
    Abbott made images as well of such gay or bisexual men as Rene Crevel, 
    Andre Gide, Robert McAlmon?, and  Jean Cocteau.

  1929 Returned to New York.

  1930 Helped Julien Levy organise an Atget exhibition at the New York Weyhe Gallery. 
    Atget, photographe de Paris published in which she is credited as photo editor.

  1930's lived with critic Elizabeth McCausland -> until her death in 1965.

  1942 Photographed -> a bespeckled Kurt Seligmann seated in 
    Peggy Guggenheim's New York penthouse with Leonora Carrington, Frederick Kiesler, 
    John Ferren, Stanley William Hayter, Peggy Guggenheim, Berenice Abbott, 
    Fernand Leger, Piet Mondian , Max Ernst and Jimmy Ernst, Marcel Duchamp
    and Andre Breton.

  1948 c. taught Diane Arbus ->; See also ->.

  1991? d.

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