1920 Dec. 3rd b. Artur Manuel Rodrigues do Cruzeiro Seixas in Amadora, Lisbon.    
    Portuguese  Painter and Poet. 

 1941 Exhibited 1ª exposição dos Surrealistas, Lisboa.

 1949 - 1950 Took part in the activity of the group Os Surrealistas.
    With Mario Cesariny, Carlos Calve, Antonio Maria Lisboa e Mario Henrique Leiria. 

 1950 Joined the Merchant Navy.

 1952 Stayed in Angola involved with the Museum of Luanda.
    Started writing Poetry.

 1967 Returns to Portugal.

 1980  Do primeiro momento da insurreição -

 2003 Illustrates Wrong Numbers the alchemical work by Franklin Rosemont.

 2009? Interview (Pt) ->

    date unknown  Factory of Mirrors.

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