1907 b. Sept 23rd. in Rochefort, Charente-Maritime.
    French  Writer  
    also wrote under the pseudonyms Pauline Reage and lived as Dominique Aury.
    m. briefly with Raymond d'Argila and had a son Phillippe.
  1933 Affair with Thierry Maulnier ~> and also Bernard Milleret ~>.

  1939 Career as a journalist. Works alongside Pierre Drieu La Rochelle

  1942 Meets Andre Gide, Edith Thomas, Jean Cocteau.

  1943 Began affair with Jean Paulhan which lasted until his death.
    She worked as a journalist and translator.
    They both worked for the Resistance.

  1946 intense affair with Edith Thomas ~>

  1949 Translates Evelyn Waugh and Arthur Koestler. 
    Awarded Denyse Clairouin Prize for Translation.

  1954 Story of O -> - Dominique Aury; 
    Published by Jean-Jacques Pauvert who has previously published 
    the complete works of de Sade.

    Affair with  Janine Aeply (wife of painter Jean Fautrier)

  1968 death of Jean Paulhan.
    Story of O illustrated by Leonor Fini. See Video.

  1998? Apr. 27th. d. Corbeil-Essonnes, Île-de-France.

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