1907 b. Baccarat, en Meurthe-et-Moselle.
     French Writer 

  1927 Part of the group Le Grand Jeu with Roger Caillois and Rene Daumal.
     Married to the Bulgarian Katia Thirion

  1929 joined the Surrealists
     Took part in conversations Investigating Sex with Paul Eluard, Andre Breton, 
     Yves Tanguy, Albert Valentin, Mme Unik  Pierre Unik, Nusch, 
     Jeannette Ducrocq
     Contributed to Le Grand Jeu.

  1930 Friendship with Luis Bunuel.

  1931 Solidarity with Louis Aragon in what became known as L'Affaire Aragon ->

  1932 Leaves the Surrealists to join the Communist Party.

  1935 A copy of Facile, a book of Eluard's Poems with photos of Nusch by 
  Man Ray] was dedicated to Andre  and Katia ''A  Tita a l'amie, l'ami [[Paul Eluard?.

  1943 First fiction le Grand ordinaire.

  1953 L'Automne sur la mer

  2001? Jan. d.

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