1887 b. April 30th. in San Francisco.
 1907 Sept. First day in Paris meets Gertrude Stein who shortly introduces her to Pablo Picasso.
    Her companion was Harriet Levy.

 1908 Holidays in Italy, joined by Gertrude.

 1910 Moves into Stein household.

 1946 Death of Gertrude.

 1947 Befriends James Lord.

 1954 Publishes a book that mixed reminiscences and recipes;  The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook ->.

 1960 Her landlord tries to evict her.

 1961 Returning from Italy she finds that the Stein heirs have removed all the pictures 
   from the Apartment.

 1963 She published her autobiography, What Is Remembered which finishes in 1946.

 1964 Evicted. Moved to a small apartment in Rue la Convention. Bedridden.   
    Converted to Catholicism.
    Became friends with Dora Maar (probably introduced by Lord)

 1967 d. March 7th. Paris.
     Buried next to Stein in Père Lachaise Cemetery. 
     Toklas' name is engraved on the back of Stein's headstone. 

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   Six Exceptional Women - James Lord (1984) 

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