1924 b. December 19th in Lisbon  Alexandre Manuel Vahia de Castro O'Neill de Bulhões.   
   Portuguese Poet
 1946 Started writing Poetry.

 1948 O'Neill was among the founders of the Surrealist Movement in Lisbon along with Mario Cesariny 
   and José-Augusto França.
   Collaborates in the making of Ampola Miraculosa (The Miraculous Flask), a book 
   containing surrealist collages. 

 1950 Meets Nora Mitrani on her visit to Portugal and starts intermittant affair.
   Leaves the surrealists.

 1953 Arrested by the state security police and remained in prison for forty days.

 1957 m. Noémia Delgado ->.

 1961 Requiem for Nora Mitrani on her death.

 1971? Divorced.
   m. Teresa Patrício Gouveia ->.

 1981 Divorced.

 1986 August 21st. d. Lisbon.

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