1903 b. Dec 20th Rosario de Santa-Fe
     Argentine - Writer 

  1921 Moves to Buenos Aires.

  1926 initiated what he later called a “surrealist brotherhood” with fellow 
     medical students Marino Cassano, Elías and Ismael Piterbarg, and David Sussman.

  1928 Starts correspondence with Andre Breton
     Publishes first edition of 'QUE''.
     Contributes under pseudonyms of Filidor Lagos and Adolfo Este.

  1930 Second edition of QUE.

  1948 Elías Piterbarg and David Sussman, and Swiss-Argentine psychoanalyst 
     Enrique Pichon-Rivière, join him in the formation of the journal Ciclo.

  1953 Journal Letra y Línea. 

  1952 First edition A partir de cero. 

  1954 Second edition Letra y Línea. 

  1959 Meets Andre Breton in Paris.

  1973 March 30th. d. Buenos Aires.

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