1902 b. August 5th. in La Louviere, Belgium
    Belgian Film Maker and Writer
    Interested in film from adolescence. 
    With Charles Spaak -> sought out obscure cinema.

 1925 with Carl Vincent and the Putzeys brothers started le Club du Cinema in Bruxelles.
    Started writing about cinema. 

 1928 - 1931 associated with surrealism photomontages published in La Revolution surrealiste 
    and Varieties? - of which he was editor and the art critic. 
    Paul-Gustave van Hecke was the driving force. 
    Associated with Edouard Mesens who ran a gallery for van Hecke.

 1928 Essay on Atget published in Varieties - See ->.

 1929 Joined the Surrealists. 
    Worked on projects with Louis Aragon and Andre Breton which did not come to fruition.
    Signs second surrealist manifesto.
    Took part in conversations Investigating Sex with Paul Eluard, Andre Breton, Yves Tanguy, 
    Jeannette Ducrocq, Mme Unik, Pierre Unik, Nusch, Andre Thirion.
    Projet d’un monument aux morts
 1931 Expelled for working on Rene Clair's film A nous la liberte.

 1968 d. April 13th. at Suresnes (France).

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