1913 b. Toulouse.
   French - Writer - Painter - Graphic Artist.

    Infuenced by Minotaure and also Max Ernst.

 1938 Regional organizer for the Jeunesse Communiste.

 1940 Imprisoned at a Stalag in Pomerania.

 1942 Released.

 1947 Went to Paris. Meets Surrealists.

 1950 Andre Breton published his text Automatic Perspective in 
    Almanach surrréaliste du demi-siècle. 

 1960 Signs ~> the Manifeste des 121 ~> calling on
    the French Government to recognize that the Algreian fight for Independence was 

    Friendship with Jean-Louis Bedouin.

 1969? One of the group which procalims the self-dissolution of the Surrealists.

 1976 First solo show.

 1979 Aug 29th. d. Toulouse.

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