1906 b. June 6th. Charleroi
    Belgian Poet.
 1934 With Marcel Havrenne founded the Rupture group.

 1935 Rupture group publishes Mauvais temps - a one off.

 1936 with help of  organized an exhibition on Surrealism.
    Meets Andre Breton and Paul Eluard in Paris.
    Nov. Joined the International Brigade.

 1937 on his return from Spain started the surrealist group in Hainault with Fernand Dumont.

 1940 Collaborates with Raoul Ubac and Rene Magritte on the publication L'invention collective.   

 1941 part of La Main a Plume.

 1969? d. Dec. 4th. La Hestre.

    Posthumous in 1977 & 1979 Oeuvres were published in two volumes.
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