French Student Uprising ->.
  ICA opens in its present location at Carlton House Terrace, London.
  Death of Marcel Duchamp.
  Yippies and Black Panthers.
  Martin Luther King assassinated.
  Soul on Ice published by Eldridge Cleaver ->.
  Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe ->.
  Vietnam Tet Offensive; My Lai massacre uncovered.
  Films: Rosemary's Baby and 2001 Space Odyssey.
  Pope Paul VI condems artificial measures for contraception.
  Jumping Jack Flash and Led Zeppelin I

  April Vratislav Effenberger, Ivan Svitak? and other Czechoslovak and French surrealists 
  (including Vincent Bounoure?, Claude Courtot?, and Jose Pierre) organized  a major 
  International Surrealist Exhibition called “The Pleasure Principle” that traveled from Brno to 
  Bratislava and then to Prague. 

  The (Surrealist) Platform of Prague – The Vessels Always Communicate ->

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