Louis Aragon breaks with the Surrealists.
   Max Ernst has affair with Meret Oppenheim. 
   Rene Crevel formed a revolutionary writers' and artists' association.
   Valentine Hugo has an affair with Andre Breton.
   Exhibition Poesie 1932 in Manes Gallery, Prague. Probably the largest collection 
   of surrealist paintings ever shown until then. 
   General release of Jean Cocteau's film Blood of a Poet.

   Pope Pius XI meets Benito Mussolini in Vatican City.
   German art dealer -> Otto Wacker is sentenced to 19 months in prison for selling fraudulent 
   paintings he attributed to Vincent van Gogh.
   Bans against the SS and SA are overturned in Germany.
   Hermann Goering is elected as chairman of the German Senate.
   Zippo lighters are developed.

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