1890 b. September 3rd. Yvonne Allendy-Nel-Dumouchel in Paris.
   French writer and art critic (under the pseudonym of Jacques Poisson). 

 1912 m. Rene Allendy.

 1923 Writing in Littérature moderne et psychanalyse, examines the  the work of 
   Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Cocteau, Philippe Soupault, and Blaise Cendrars 
   for their Freudian symbolism.

 1926 partly financed The Theatre Alfred Jarry started by Antonin Artaud, 
   Roger Vitrac and Robert Aron. 

 1928 Close friendship with Antonin Artaud.

 1931 co-authored with Rene Capitalisme et Sexualite.

 1935 d.August 23rd. in Paris.

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