1913 b. May 27th. as Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schultze in  Berlin .
   His father was Chancellor of Saxony. 
   He was brought up in the high social and cultural circles of Dresden.
   German    Photographer and Painter.
 1929  Lived a Bohemian lifestyle after his father's death. 
   Started taking photographs.

 1932  Studies at Bauhaus. 
   Arrival in Paris through suggestion of Mohol-Nagy ->; where he meets Amedee Ozenfant, Fernand Leger, Jean Arp,
    Cesar Domela and the Surrealist circle. 
    First paintings influenced by Surrealism.

 1933 - 1935 Travels with his modiste wife Grety Dabija (previously married to Jacques Baron). 
    to Mallorca, and Ibiza and arrested in Barcelona where he spent three months 
    in jail as an illegal alien.

 1935 Komposition
larger ->.
 1936 With Fernand Leger'€™s help gets temporary papers for France. 
    Works essentially as photographer.

 1937 Great success of his fashion pictures for pavillon de Elegance of Paris World Fair 
   published in Vogue and other fashionable magazines. 
   Name Wols coined at this time; an anecdote of a misheard name by a telegraph operator.
   Exhibited at Pleiade with Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Andre Kertesz, Lee Miller.

 1939 Internment as an enemy alien in Neuvy-sur-Barangeon, and three other camps 
   including Milles.

 1940 Released because he had a French wife. 
    Returns in exhausted and depressed state from which he will never recover.
    Lives in Cassis. Tries to get visa for US via Varian Fry. 
    Confides 100 watercolors to writer Kay Boyle.

 1942 German occupation of zone libre. 
    Receive visas too late. Refugee in country at house of Roche. 
    Automatic painting and hard drinking.

 1945  Unsuccessful show in Paris gallery (Drouin.) 
    Becomes part of Alberto Giacommeti? and Sartre existentialist circle.

 1947 Drouin gallery show. 
    Part of new European action painting with Mathieu and Tapie.

 1951 d. sept. 1st. in Paris after a disintoxication cure and€“ badly treated food poisoning.

    Seewiki -> and photography ->.

    See Timeline