1905 b. July 22 Wolfgang Robert Paalen in Baden, near Vienna, Austria.
    Austrian - Mexican Painter Writer
    Son of the Austrian-Jewish merchant and inventor Gustav Robert Paalen and 
    his German wife, the actress Clothilde Emilie Gunkel.

==Early Years==

 1913 Parents move to Rochusburg in Sagan, Silesia.

 1919 Family moves to Rome, summers in Sagan.

 1921 Studies with Leo von Koenig ->in Tivoli and Berlin.

 1922 Studies with Adolphe Meyer -> in Berlin; meets Julius Meier-Graefe ->. 
    Relation with Helene Meier-Graefe (Aya). 
    Shows paintings in Impressionist style in Berlin Secession. 
    Meets Serge Brignoni (Fr) ->.

  1924 Stays in Paris until 1926.
    Shows in the Galerie Figuet. 
    Friendship with Marie-Louise von Motesitsky ->. 
    Meets Max Beckmann ->.
    Studies Cubist paintings.

 1927 Visits Hans Hofmann School in Munich and Cassis. 
   Rents studio in La Ciotat (Cassis). 
   Meets circle of German artists (Westphal, Petersen, Becker) and Jean Varda. 
   Visits Georges Braque in Varengeville.

 1929 Takes a studio in Paris on rue de Guerre. 
   Meets Jean Helion -> and Hans Hartung ->. 
   Studies with Fernand Leger. 
   Participates in group show in Galerie Flechtheim, Berlin, at Salon des Surindependants.

 1930 Meets again Max Beckmann, Marie-Louise von Motesitsky and  Elias Canetti ->. 
   Takes larger studio in Rue Pernety. 

 1931 Meets and starts living with Alice Rahon.

 1932 Group show in Galerie Bonjean, Paris. 
   Studies with Stanley William Hayter at Atelier 17. 
    Meets Peggy Guggenheim, Valentine Penrose and Roland Penrose.

 1933 Illustrates a book of poetry by Valentine Penrose. 
    Visits the caves of Altamira in Spain.

 1934 Marries Alice Rahon. 
    Starts to collect Cycladic idol-figures.

 1935 Publishes Reponse a une enquiete in Cahiers d'Art (No.14.). 
    Travels to London to visit Henry Moore and Roland Penrose. 
    Rents house in Le Bruse sur Seine during summer. 
    Travels to Greece and Cycladic islands. 
    Leaves abstraction creation group with Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber. 
    Meets Andre Breton. 
    Joins the Surrealist group.

 1936 Personal show in Galerie Pierre, Paris. 
    Frontspiece to the poem-book Le Nouveau Candide of Valentine Penrose. 
    Takes studio in rue Boulard, Paris. 

 1937 Meets Marcel Duchamp. Participates in Surrealist exhibitions in London . 
   Travels to Sagan, Prague and Bohemia in summer.   
   Illustration for Alfred Jarry's Ubu enchaine.

 1938 January; exhibits in Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme? at the 
   Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris; organizers Andre Breton, Marcel Duchamp. 
   Personal show of his fumages in Galerie Renou et Colle, Paris (Text by 
   Andre Breton). 
   Illustration for a Surrealist edition of Lautreamont's Les Chants de Maldoror. 
   Meets Frida Kahlo during her visit to Paris who invites him to Mexico. 
   Summers in La Mesangere Varengeville with Andre Breton. 
   Visits Aya in Germany, decides in Munich to leave Europe.

 1939 Solo exhibition at Peggy Guggenheim's Gallery Guggenheim Jeune, London. 
   Travels in a menage a trois with Eva Sulzer, who financed the expedition, 
   and Alice Rahon from London to New York. 
   Meets Julien Levy, William Baziotes -> and 
   Gerome Kamrowski?. 
   They continue to Alaska and British Columbia. Collects Native American totemic art. 
   Travels to San Francisco and Mexico in autumn. 
   Rents studio in San Angel, Mexico near Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's house. 
   Friendship with Manuel Alvarez-Bravo and Cesar Moro. 
   Prepares Surrealist exhibition with Moro.
   Wolfgang Paalen, Eva Sulzer, Alice Rahon y Cesar Moro

 1940 International Surrealist Exhibition in Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City. 
   Travels to New York for his solo exhibition at Julien Levy Gallery. 
   Meets Robert Motherwell, Adolphe Gottlieb ->, Jackson Pollock -> and Barnet Newman ->. 
   Back in Mexico organizes visas for Surrealists in Europe.

 1941 [[Robert Motherwell studies with him in Mexico for several months. 
   Motivates Motherwell to collaborate on his DYN project. 
   Motherwell translates his essay L'Image Nouvelle and Paalen introduces 
   Motherwell to Andre Breton.
   Gordon Onslow-Ford? and Jacqueline Johnson move to Mexico. 

 1942 First issue of DYN is published in Mexico, contains Paalen's Farewell au surrealisme.
   Photographed -> in Mexico City with Rahon and Sulzer.

 1943 In New York he meets Isamu Noguchi -> and Luchita Hurtado. 

 1944 The German Bauhaus architect  Max Cetto -> builds the Villa Obregon 
    a studio house for Paalen in San Angel, Mexico.

 1945 Publication of Paalen's essay La crise du sujet dans la peinture moderne
   in Revue de L'IFAL, Mexico. 
   One man show in Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City with 19 works from 1939 - 45. 
   Correspondence with Motherwell about the planned book Form and Sense with 
   collected essays of Paalen. 
   Peggy Guggenheim shows Paalen's new paintings from Mexico in May of this year. 
   Paalen stays through the summer with Motherwell in New York. 
   Contact with the theologian and novelist  Arthur A.Cohen ->, who was inspired by the life and  
   destiny of Paalen for his famous novel Acts of Theft.
   Meets Sonja Sekula.

 1946 Paalen and his companion Luchita Hurtado  three months in Motherwell's 
   house Quonset in East Hampton in Long Island.
   Private reading of Paalen's play The Beam of the Balance with Motherwell and friends. 
   Nierendorf publishes the monograph on Paalen by the German novelist Gustav Regler ->. 
   The sculptor Louise Nevelson -> invites them to prolong their stay  
   in her home in Long Island. 
   Intensive contact with New York artists Barnett Newman -> and Mark Rothko ->.

 1947 Divorce from Alice Rahon, marries Luchita Hurtado.
   Becomes Mexican citizen after his attempts to aquire US citizenship fail.

 1948 In February travels to New York and Chicago and plans a DYNATON exhibition 
   in San Francisco. 
   Spends November and December in New York with Motherwell in East Hampton to discuss 
   the foundation of a new art shool with Rothko and Clifford Still ->.  
   Rene d'Harnoncourt -> gives Paalen a one man show in the San Francisco Museum of Art. 
   In Mill Valley he meets Henry Miller, Anais Nin and Jean Varda 
   and works on his essay Metaplastic. 
  Gordon Onslow-Ford? acquires a house in Mill Valley and invites Paalen to stay. 
   They meet Lee Mullican -> and travel together in 
   Mexico before they decide to work together in Mill Valley in 1949 - 1950.
 1949 After traveling to New York, the Paalens move to San Francisco to prepare 
   the Metaplastic show at the Stanford Art Gallery which is accompanied by lectures 
   by Sybil Moholy-Nagy ->.

 1950 The new Association Dynaton exhibits together at the San Francisco 
   Museum of Art, titled A New Vision. 
   Luchita divorces from Paalen to live with Lee Mullican. 

 1951 Paalen returns to Mexico and travels through the Yucatan. 
   Works on his essay on the Olmec culture, published in 1952 in Cahiers d'Art. 
   In New York he exhibits with the Willard Gallery and meets Maria Wilson, 
   with whom he travels to Paris. 
   Rents Kurt Seligman?'s Villa Seurat in Paris. 
   Exhibits in Galerie Pierre and resumes contact with Andre Breton and the  
   Becomes member of the Societe des Americanistes. 

 1953 Summers in Andre Breton's house in Saint Circ la Popie with other Surrealists.

 1954 Exhibition at Geo Dupin's Galerie Galanis-Hentschel, Paris. 
   Illustrates the 2nd issue of Medium - Communication Surrealiste.  
   Travels through Germany, visits Helene Maier-Graefe in Badenweiler.  
   Travels back to America. 

 1955 Buys a small house in Tepoztlan near Mexico City. 

 1956 Exhibition at Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City.

 1957 Buys a Hacienda near Merida in the Yucatan and dedicates himself more and more 
   to his collection of Pre-Columbian art.

 1959 Sept. 24th. Commits suicide after a long depression in Taxco. 

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