1909 b. February 7th. Wilhelm Frederik Christian Carlsen Freddie.
    Danish Painter and Sculptor largely self taught.

  1929 He became acquainted with Andre Breton's periodical La Revolution Surrealiste.

  1934 Met the painters Harry Carlsson and Vilhelm Bjerke-Petersen.

  1935 International Cubist-Surrealist exhibition at Den Frie (the Free Exhibition) in Copenhagen.

  1936 Sex Paralysis Appeal.
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    Confiscated by Police.

  1937 Exhibition in Copenhagen, Sex Surreal: Take the Fork out of the Butterfly's Eye, - jailed for 10 days.

  1938 Zola and Jeanne Rozerot 
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  1941 Monument  
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  1944 Escaped to Sweden.

  1947 Participated in the Exposition internationale du surrealisme at Galerie Maeght 
    in Paris.
    Became friends with Victor Brauner.

  1949 Film The Definite Rejection of a Request for a Kiss in collaboration with Jargen Roos.

  1995 Oct. 26th. d.

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