1889? Jan 15th. b. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic as Walter Eduard Seligmann

    Czech writer and essayist in the German language, whose manifesto Letzte Lockerung 
    was an important text of Dadaism.

 1912 Moves to Berlin.

 1913 Studied Law in Vienna.

 1914 Escaped to Switzerland ended up in Zurich co-editing with Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings 
    the magazine Der Mistral (where under the name Wladimir Senakowski he published 
    his first prose.
    According to Hans Richter, he was "the great cynic of the movement, the total anarchist, 
    an Archimedes who put the world out of whack and then left it to hang."
    Hans Arp wrote automatic poems with him.

    1918 He was  in Lugano and wrote the first version of Lotte Lockerung ->, his infamous 
    Dada Manifesto, much of which, rumour has it, was later plagiarised by Tristan Tzara. 

 1920 Visits Paris and meets with Andre Breton.
    Contributed to 391.
    Published Last Loosening. 

 1925 Published The Tigress ~> with a cover by Hans Bellmer.

    Returned to Czechoslovakia, married his longtime girlfriend from Berlin, Dorothea Herz

 1933 Books banned in Germany by the Nazis.

 1938 m. Dorothea Herz in Prague, where he was working as a private teacher.

 1942 Both interned in the Theresienstadt concentration camp and three weeks later were 
    moved in the direction of "the East", where they perished in Riga.

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