1896 April 29th b. Berlin

    German Writer

     His literary career began with the Sturm and Berliner Dada movements.

  1918 Begins friendship with George Grosz.

  1921 Moved to Paris.

  1926 Portrait -> by George Grosz.

  [[1933] May 10th. His Library was burnt by the Nazis. 
    Fled to paris and then Vienna where he met Hertha Pauli ->.

  1938 Flees Austria for Paris via Switzerland.

  1939 Internment in various camps including Saint Cyprien.

  1940 Hertha Pauli leaves for USA with hekp of Varian Fry.

  1941 With the help of Varian Fry he leaves France for Miami via Martinique.
    Gets employment with employment with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

  1951 Publishes The Lost Library ->

  1953 Returned to Europe and lived mostly in seclusion in West Germany and Switzerland.

  1981 Oct 3rd. d. Zurich.

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