1848 b.  Walter Conrad Arensberg 
    American Patron of Arts, critic and poet. 
    With his wife Louise (1879-1953), he collected art and supported artistic endeavors.

 1913 - 1950 The couple collected the works of Modern artists such as Marcel Duchamp, 
    Charles Sheeler, Walter Pach, Beatrice Wood, and Elmer Ernest Southard, 
    as well as Pre-Columbian art.
    Walter and Louis held frequent sirees at their New York apartment where artists 
    such as Man Ray, Charles Demuth, Georges Bellows, Joseph Stella ->,  William Carlos Williams ->, 
    Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, Edgar Varese ->, Jean Crotti and Clara Tice gathered.
    Marcel Duchamp advised him on his early collection.

 1915 Supported New York Dada.

 1917 One of the forces behind The Society of Independent Artists aided by Man Ray. 
    Bailed out Arthur Cravan.
    Contributed to The Blind Man.

 1919 Contributed to the single issue TNT.

 1921 Signed the Paris Dada Manifesto.
    Moved to California.

 1937 Established the . 

 1954 Jan. 29th. d. 

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