1920 June 15th. b. Leningrad (Saint Petersburg).
  Vladimir Victorovich Kibalchich Rusakov. 
  Father Victor Serge, Mother Luiba Rusakova
   Russian-Mexican painter

 1936 Left Soviet Union via Belgium for France.
   Study in the studios of Victor Brauner, Wilfredo Lam?, Joseph Lacasse, 
   Andre Masson and Aristide Maillol.

 1940 June; Flees Paris. Heads south with his Parents and Laurette Sejourne. 
   Oct; Stays Villa Air-Bel. 
   Part of the baker's cooperative Croque-Fruites?.
   His mother was hospitalized in Aix en Provence where she died in 1943

 1941 Flees France with Victor on board the Capitaine Paul-Lemerle.
   Fellow travellers were Andre Breton, Jacqueline Lamba, Aube, Wifredo Lam 
   and Helena Holzer. 
   Internment for a week on arrival Martinique. Continued to Mexico.

 1947 m. Isabel Díaz Fabela.
   Death of Victor Serge.

 1949 Takes Mexican citizenship.
   Heavily influenced by Diego Rivera.
   He became one of Mexico's leading painters and muralists.

 1950 Travels to Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Yugoslavia, and France.

 2005? July 21st d. in Cuernavaca.

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