1890 Dec 30th. b. Brussels. Victor Lvovich Kibalchich
   Russian anarchist, revolutionary and francophile.
 1909 Living with  Rirette Maitrejean ~>.

 1928 Expelled from Communist Party.

 1935 Imprisoned again.

 1936 Left for France.
   Danny Benedite helped get him a French Residence Permit.

 1940 June; Flees Paris, heads south with 'Laurette Sejourne and his son Vlady Serge.
   Oct; In Marseilles at Villa Air-Bel, where he met many of the Surrealists and their friends including: 
   Andre Breton, Victor Brauner, Andre Masson,Varian Fry, Sylvain Itkine
   Jacques Herold and Jacqueline Lamba.

 1941 Aided by Varian Fry and CAS; boards the Capitaine Paul-Lemerle 
   with Vlady, Andre Breton, Jacqueline Lamba, Aube, Wifredo Lam and Helena Holzer.
   Dec; joined by Laurette and his daughter Jeannine.
   On arrival in Martinique they were placed in an internment camp.
   Continued on to Mexico where he published The Long Dusk about his Marseille 
   Corresponded with George Orwell?

 1942 Assassination attempt.

 1947 Dec. 17th. d. in Mexico city of a heart attack.

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