1898  b. Jan 1st Andrée Boué in Mont de Marsan, Condom sur Baise, 
     Her father was an army officer. 
         French - Poet - Painter - writer
 1916 Moved to Paris. 
     Studied drawing at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, meeting the poets and painters 
     of Montparnasse. Her writing attracted the attention of Paul Eluard.

 1919 Around this time starts visiting her Uncle in Chemin Saint-Jean,  
    Gémenos, (Map ~>)

 1923  Holiday in Cassis. (Map ~>).
     Meets the surrealist artist, Roland Penrose 
     who had a studio there - Villa Mimosa with Yanko Varda.  
     Modelled for Man Ray.

 1924 Le Jasmin d'Argent at Agen awarded Medal d'Argent for her poem 

 1925 Dec 21st. m. Roland Penrose, in Condom-sur-Baïse and later in 
    the quaker Meeting House, Jordans, Bucks. 
    Possibly never consumated ~>.
    Honeymoon in Egypt; met and influenced by the mystic 
  Count Galarza de Santa Clara.
    Introduced Roland to Andre Breton and Paul Eluard.

 1926 Travelled to Catalunya. Met Pablo Picasso.
    First book of Poems - Imagerie d’Épinal.

 1927 Winter in Egypt.
    Meets Vincente Galarza de Santa Clara (Sp)~>. 

 1928 fter Egypy, visited Syria + Greece.
    Visited S. of France. 
    Joined by Max Ernst and Marie Berthe with whom 
    she becomes a close friend.
    Winter in Egypt.

 1929 Participates in the survey on Love.

 1930 Appeared in Luis Bunuel's film L'Age d'or. 
    Close friendship with the Belgian explorer, anarchist and spiritualist 
    Alexandra David-Neel ~.. 

 1932 Nov. Roland and Valentine visit India meeting Galarza.

 1933 Meets Henri-Pierre Roche on the boat returning to Europe from India.

 1934 Early collage Military Strategy ~>. 

 1935 Paul Eluard prefaced her book of poems, Herbe a la lune.
    Her health is not good: 
    she has sclerosis pulmonary and pleuritis in the right lung.
    Paalens visit at Pouy.
    Nov. Arrived Bombay. 
    Travelled to Pondicherry to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram ~>.

 1936 April travels north to Almora.
    Meets Krishna Prem ~> and Studies Sanskrit in the Himalayas and Benares. 
    May: returns to Europe.
    June visits Joe Bousquet in Carcassonne
    Nouveau Candide published. Illustrated by Wolfgang Paalen.
    Attempts reconciliation with Roland.
    Together with Man Ray , Paul Eluard Nusch, Cecile Eluard
    Pablo Picasso and Christian anf Yvonne Zervos ~> in Mougins.
    Bit part in La Garoupe ~> - Man Ray.
    Joined the workers militia in Spain, 
    Sept; Signed Declaration on Spain. 
    Oct. Month in Barcelona with Ronald, David Gascoyne. and Zervos.
    Meeting up with [Tristan Tzara]].
    Nursing Gascoyne for pneumonia, she introduces him to the poems of 
    Federico Garcia Lorca that she had translated.        

 1937 Feb. Travels to India with her great love Alice Rahon and 
    joins an Ashram in Almora of her old master Count Galarza de Santa Clara.
    Writes Poemes:a une femme à une route and Sorts de la luer.
    May: Alice leaves for France.
    Dec: valentine is back in india.  

 1938 June: In Corsica.

 1939 Feb. arrives back in Indi; goes to Almora.

 1940 June leaves India and arrives England in August.
    Arrived in London after the fall of France and stays in Hampstead with Roland 
    and Lee Miller.
    Divorced, but stayed friends as shown in the Man Ray
    Photo ~> 
    L -R  Nusch, Valentine Penrose, Roland Penrose, 
    Paul Eluard, Pablo Picasso, Cecile Eluard.
    Portrait ~> by Roland.

    Started making collages.

 1941 Spends time in Totness at the home of Alec Penrose and also with Sybil 
    and ELT Mesens at Bochym, Cornwall. (see Map ~>).
    December writes to Andre Breton who is at Villa Air-Bel in Marseilles.

 1942 Spends much time at Bochym.
    Published in 1st edition of VVV

 1943 Enlisted in the French army as a third-class soldier.
    Serves in London and Algeria.

 1944 In Blida, Algeria and Corsica.
    Published in Fulcrum ~>.

 1945 June: back in France.
    Published in l'Eternelle Revue ~> #4. 
    A clandestine publication by Paul Eluard.

 1946 Collage Military Strategy ~> (1934) Published in Free Unions Libres 
    edited Simon Watson Taylor.
    Feb; Published in  Les Quatre Vents ~>.
    No. 4 L’évidence surréaliste.
    June. Lunch in Paris at Aux Deux Magots with ELT Mesens and 
    Andre Breton.  
    Nov. . L'Atelier d'Antibes text dedicated to Picasso. 

 1947 June; Meets with Oscar Dominguez and Maud Bonneaud in London. 

 1948 Working on a screenplay for Jean Aurenche; brother of her close friend
    Marie Berthe Aurenche.
    Starts affair with the painter Hélène Azénor  after visiting Pamplona 
    and San Sebastian with her and her then companion Djalla.
    Probably introduced by Oscar Dominguez.

 1951 published the collage-novel Dons de feminines. See ~> and
    prefaced by Paul Eluard.

 1952 Photographed ~> by Eileen Agar with Maud Westerdahl.

 1953 Farley Farm for Christmas with Max Ernst + Dorothea Tanning, 
    Lee Miller, Roland Penrose, Antony Penrose, Diane Deriaz, 
    Dominique Eluard, Caroline Eluard, Timmie O'Brian, Terry O'Brian, 
    Patsy Murray, Paula Murray, James Dugan.

 1957 Feb - July: Santa Cruz de Tenerife staying with Eduardo Westerdahl 
    and Maud Bonneaud.

 1962? published The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory.
    (La Comtesse sanglante).

 1964 Begins friendship with an admirer, the painter Lydie Chantrell.

 1972? Publishes poetry collection Les Magies still recollecting Alice Rahon.

 1978? Aug.7th. d. at Farley Farm of leukemia.

    See wiki ~> and also ~> and also ~>.

    Ann Radcliffe -> and the Marquis de Sade 
    were great influences on her writing.
    Penrose was highly interested in Eastern philosophy, studied Sanskrit and 
    lived for extended periods in India.
    She collaborated on a wide range of surrealist publications throughout her 
    life, ranging from London Bulletin and VVV to DYN and Free Unions.

    Valentine Penrose "Ecrits d'une femme surrealiste".
    edition etablie par Georgiana Colville.
    editions Joelle Losfeld.
    Annee : 2001

   The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory ->.

  See Timeline