1903?  b. Valentine Boué in Mont de Marsan, Condom sur Baise, Gascony. 
     Her father was an army officer. 
         French Poet - Painter - writer
 1916 studied drawing at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, meeting the poets and painters of Montparnasse.

 1924 Holiday in Cassis. Met the surrealist artist, Roland Penrose 
     who had a studio there with Yanko Varda. 
     Modelled for Man Ray.

 1925 m. Roland Penrose, in the quaker Meeting House, Jordans, Bucks. 
    Honeymoon in Egypt; 
    Became influenced by the mystic Vincente Galarza.

 1926 Travelled to Catalunya. Met Pablo Picasso.

 1930 Appeared in Luis Bunuel's film L'Age d'or. 
    Close friendship with the Belgian explorer, anarchist and spiritualist Alexandra David-Neel. 

 1935  Paul Eluard prefaced her first book of poems, Herbe a la lune.

 1936 Joined the workers  militia in Spain, 
    Sept; Signed Declaration on Spain. 
    Goes to India with Alice Rahon, probable affair.

 1937 Divorced Roland but stayed friends.

 1940´s started making collages.
    She  fought in the French Resistance during World War II.

 1951 published the collage-novel Dons de feminins.

 1953 at Farley Farm for Christmas with Max Ernst + Dorothea Tanning, 
    Lee Miller, Roland Penrose, Antony Penrose, Diane Deriaz, 
    Dominique Eluard, Caroline Eluard,  Timmie O'Brian, Terry O'Brian, 
    Patsy Murray, Paula Murray, James Dugan

 1962? published The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory.

 1978? Aug.7th. d. at Farley Farm.

    Ann Radcliffe -> and the Marquis de Sade were great influences on her writing.
    Penrose was highly interested in Eastern philosophy, studied Sanskrit and lived 
    for extended periods in India.
    She collaborated on a wide range of surrealist publications throughout her life, 
    ranging from London Bulletin and VVV to DYN and Free Unions.

    Valentine Penrose "Ecrits d'une femme surrealiste".
    edition etablie par Georgiana Colville.
    editions Joelle Losfeld.
    Annee : 2001

   The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory ->.

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