1942 - 1944 published in New York by David Hare.
     Andre Breton, Max Ernst and Marcel Duchamp were editorial advisors. 

 1942 Oct; The first issue
     Cover design by Max Ernst and includes writing by Andre Breton. 
     Featured contributions by Robert Motherwell and critic Harold Rosenberg. 

  1943 March; double issue. 
     Front and back covers by Marcel Duchamp.     
  1944 Feb; Last issue.

     Only four issues of VVV were ever produced. 
     The editorial board also enlisted associated thinkers and artists, including Aime Cesaire, 
     Philip Lamantia, and Robert Motherwell. 
     Each edition focused on "poetry, plastic arts, anthropology, sociology, (and) psychology," and was 
     illustrated by a wide range of Surrealist artists, including Giorgio de Chirico, Claude Levi-Strauss, 
     Roberto Matta, Yves Tanguy and Sonja Sekula.

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