1927 Apr. - 1938 April / May.  
   Experimental literary journal that featured Surrealist, 
   expressionist, and Dada art and artists.
   Founded by Eugene Jolas -> in Paris with the help of the first editor Elliot Paul.
   Except 21 - 24 The Hague and 25 & 26 New York.
   Often published at a loss.
   Later editors were Stuart Gilbert, Caresse Crosby and Harry Crosby?.
   Distributed primarily through Sylvia Beach's bookstore Shakespeare and Company.  
   In all published 24 Surrealist poems translated by Samuel Beckett, Eugene Jolas 
   and Stuart Gilbert and an extract from Andre Breton's Nadja.

 1927 published Hands off Love.

 1930 special edition by the Experiment group.
   Texts by Julius Bronowski, Julian Trevelyan, Humphrey Jennings, Kathleen Raine, 
   Hugh Sykes Davies, and George Reavey.

 1937 issue. No. 26. Marcel Duchamp cover, and featured Jean Arp, 
   Man Ray, Fernand Leger, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy ->, Piet Mondrian ->, Alexander Calder.

   Some Contributers: -
   James Joyce : "Work in Progress" (Finnegan's Wake).
   Gertrude Stein : "An Elucidation";  "As a Wife Has a Cow A Love Story",  
   "The Life and Death of Juan Gris", "Tender Buttons",  "Made a Mile Away".
   Max Ernst : Jennes Filles en des Belles Poses, The Virgin Corrects the Child Jesus Before Three Witnesses.
   Kay Boyle : "Dedicated to Guy Urquhart", "Polar Bears and Others".
   William Carlos Williams -> : "The Dead Baby",  
   "The Somnambulists", "A Note on the Recent Work of James Joyce", "Winter", 
   "Improvisations", "A Voyage to Paraguay".
   Stuart Gilbert : "The Aeolus Episode in Ulysses", "Function of Words", "Joyce Thesaurus Minusculus".
   Franz Kafka -> : Metamorphosis.
   Ernest Hemmingway  : "The Sentence", "Three Stories", "Hills Like White Elephants".
   H.D. -> : "Gift", "Psyche", "Dream", "No", "Socratic".
   Alfred Kreymborg -> : From "Manhattan Anthology"
   Juan Gris -> : Still Life
   Samuel Beckett : "Assumption," "For Future Reference" 

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