1941 b. July 12 in Woking England
    Belgian - Writer - Collagist and object-maker
    Second Generation Surrealist

 1958? Makes contact with Belgian Surrealists meeting Marcel Marien and 
    Paul Nouge.

 1959 Part in Marcel Marien's film L’Imitation du cinéma.

 1960 Founds the review and the editions Après Dieu.

 1963 Started broadsheet Vendonah.

 1964 Lawyer at the Brussels Bar.
    Befriends Louis Scutenaire and Irene Hamoir.

 1966 m. Claudine Jamagne ~>.
    Publisher for the recognition of the poets of the first generation of Belgian 
    surrealism, Louis Scutenaire, Irene Hamoir, Paul Nouge, 
    Camille Goemans, Marcel Lecomte, Marcel Marien, Paul Magritte, and  
    often illustrated by his wife.

 1968 Founded the collection Une Passerelle en papier.

 1972? Starts stats the review Le Vocatif.

 1974? With Claudine opens La Marée gallery in Ixelles exhibiting works of 
    Marcel Marien, Gilles Brenta ~> , Andre Stas ~>, and Adrien Dax.

 1985? Under pseudonym Thomas Rien publishes
    This memory of the heart. Fragments for a continuation and end of Monte-Cristo.

 1994? Executer for Irene Hamoir bequest to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of 

 2002? May 11th. d. Brussels.

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