1909 b. 6th June in Prague, Edita Hirshowa, deaf mute and a jew.
     Czech Painter

  1935 Friend of Paul Eluard.

  1941  Girlfriend of Manuel Viola, she joined La Main A Plume.
     Living with Manuel in a flat in Paris with Robert Rius and his wife 
     Laurence Iche.
     Paints portrait of Jean-Francois Chabrun.

  1942 Captured, deported and died in the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz.
   Mentioned -> in letters of Adolphe Acker -> to Noel Arnaud.      

  1943 Posthumous.
     Qui fait la pluie et le beau temps written by Jean-Francois Chabrun 
     with her illustration and published by La Main a Plume.

     See in Czech -> which includes work.

     See Timeline