Mexican, photographer, Female model, actress, and 
    Revolutionary political activist.

 1897 b. Assunta Adelaide Luigia Modotti Mondini in Udine, Italy.
    Introduced to photography by her uncle, Pietro Modotti.

 1913 Sailed alone to New York then a train to join her father in San Francisco.

 1918 m Roubaix "Robo" de l'Abrie Richey, a poet and artist  and moved to Los Angeles.

 1920 Stars in Tiger's Coat. (See ->).

 1921 Meets and starts an affair with Edward Weston -> for whom she models.

 1922 Robo dies of smallpox.

 1923 Moves to Mexico with Weston who mentors her in Photography.

 1926 Weston moves back to California.
    During this time she met and had affairs with  

 1927  Meets Mexican photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo who divided her career 
    as a photographer into two distinct categories: "Romantic" and "Revolutionary".
    Introduces Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera' with whom she had had an affair.
    Modotti was a great influence on his first wife Lola Alvarez Bravo.
    Joins the Mexican Communist Party and starts an affair with Xavier Guerrero ->.

 1928 Diego Rivera paints The Arsenal -> which shows the love triangle of Modotti with
    Julio Antonio Mella ->, 
    and Vittorio Vidali ->.

 1929 Aquitted for the muder of Mella (which was probably done by, or ordered by Vidali).
    Dec; Her one-woman retrospective exhibition at the National Library was    
    advertised as "The First Revolutionary Photographic Exhibition In Mexico".
    Portrait of Ione Robinson ->.

 1930 Exiled from Mexico. Travels to Germany and then Moscow.
    Stopped photographing.

 1932 Gives her camera away.

 1942 Jan 5th. d. Mexico City of a massive heart attack in a taxi returning 
   from dinner at Pablo Neruda's -> home. Some still consider Vidali responsible for her death.

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