1917 New York Dada Magazine started by Marcel Duchamp, Beatrice Woods?
    and Henri-Pierre Roche.

    Mina Loy also contributed to the first, Independents' Number -> issue.

    They published only one more issue ->, with the following contributors:

    Walter Arensberg (Axiom, Theorem, poems),
    Gabriella Buffet -Picabia (Marie Laurencin, essay),
    Robert Carlton (Bob) Brown (poems), See ->
    Frank Crowninshield (letter), See wiki ->
    Charles Demuth (For Richard Mutt, poem),
    Marcel Duchamp, "Charles Duncan" (poem), an essay about Louis Michael Eilshemius,
    Mina Loy (prose),
    Louise Norton (essay), (later wife of Edgard Varese)
    Francis Picabia (Medusa, poem),
    Joseph Stella (Coney Island, picture), See wiki ->
    Frances Simpson Stevens (1894-1976) (poem), See wiki ->
    Alfred Stieglitz (Fountain by R. Mutt, photography; letter) and
    Clara Tice (drawing) - See wiki ->

    See wiki ->

    See Timeline