Brazilian Painter

 1886? Sept 01st. b. Capivari, Sao Paulo.

 1906 m. André Teixeira Pinto.

 1920 Moved to Paris and studied at the Académie Julian.

 1922 Returned to Sao Paulo.

 Photographed -> with 
   Patrícia Galvão (Pagu) ->, Anita Malfatti ->, Benjamin Peret, Oswald de Andrade ->, 
   Elsie Houston, Álvaro Moreyra ->, Eugênia Moreira -> and  Maximilien Gauthier ->.

 1923 Visited Paris again this time studying with Andre Lhote, Fernand Leger, 
   and Albert Gleizes ->.
   A Negra
   Visits Spain and Portugal with Andrade.

 1926 m. Oswald de Andrade. Travelled to Paris where she mixed with Surrealists.

 1928 Abaporu. See Antropofagia -.
 1929 First solo exhibition in Brazil.
   Splits from Andrade who marries Patrícia Galvão (Pagu) ->.

 1931 m. Osorio Cesar ->.

 1935 ish separates from Osorio and m. the writer Luiz Martins.

 1973 Jan 17th d. Sao Paulo.

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   See Surrealism Brazil ->

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