Brazilian Painter

 1886? Sept 01st. b. Capivari, Sao Paulo.

 1906 m. André Teixeira Pinto.

 1920 Moved to Paris and studied at the Académie Julian.

 1922 Returned to Sao Paulo for Semana de Arte Moderna ->
   where she was Photographed -> with   Patrícia Galvão (Pagu) ->, Anita Malfatti ->, 
   Benjamin Peret, Oswald de Andrade ->, 
   Elsie Houston, Álvaro Moreyra ->, Eugênia Moreira -> and  Maximilien Gauthier ->.

 1923 Visited Paris again this time studying with Andre Lhote, Fernand Leger, 
   and Albert Gleizes ->.
   A Negra
   Visits Spain and Portugal with Andrade.

 1926 m. Oswald de Andrade. Travelled to Paris where she mixed with Surrealists.

 1928 Abaporu. See Antropofagia -.
 1929 First solo exhibition in Brazil.
   Splits from Andrade who marries Patrícia Galvão (Pagu) ->.

 1931 m. Osorio Cesar ->.

 1935 ish separates from Osorio and m. the writer Luiz Martins.

 1973 Jan 17th d. Sao Paulo.

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   See Surrealism Brazil ->

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