1887 b. Baltimore, Maryland.
 1902 - 1905 lived in Paris.

 1919 Met and began living with Adrienne Monnier; both were friends 
   of Claude Cahun.
   Founded  Shakespeare and Company bookshop and Publishers and lending library 
   which became a gathering place for Intellectual expatriates.

 1921 Moved location to opposite Aux amis des livres owned by Monnier.

 1922 Published Ulysses - James Joyce who she sent to Man Ray to be photographed.

 1927 Portrait -> photo by Berenice Abbott.

 1936 Separated from Monnier.
   Andre Gide organised an annual subscription for book readings.
   Friends and clients: Ernest Hemingway, whom she called "my best customer," Robert McAlmon, 
   Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein; Natalie Barney, and Bryher.

 1941 Bookshop and publishers closed.
   She was in an internment camp during the war.

 1962? d. Paris
   She had a distant cousin Mary Beach.

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