1908 b. Dec 8th in Paris of Lithuanian father and French - Russian mother.
   French Actor
   Friend of Paul Eluard.
 1922 left school to become a comedian.

 1930's Joined agit-prop Groupe Octobre founded by Jacques Prevert.
   Worked with Jean Renoir.

 1934 Signatory to Appel a la Lutte against the rise in Fascism.
 1936 receives letter from Paul Eluard re his intended production of Ubu.

 1937 Produced Ubu enchaine -> with scenery by Max Ernst and Jean Effel -> 
  and together with actors 
  Roger Blin, Marcel Jean and Frederic O'Brady ->.
  Friends with Jacques Herold.

 1941 In Marseilles with his great love Robine Bahloul.

   Entertained and socialized with Andre Breton, Victor Brauner, Andre Masson, 
   Victor Serge, Varian Fry, Jacques Herold and Jacqueline Lamba at 
   Villa Air-Bel,  with Louis Ducreux and his group  Rideau Gris.
   With his brother Lucienne helped found and work in the baking co-operative Croque-Fruits?.

 1944 Executed Aug 1st or 2nd. by Gestapo near Lyons.

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