1901 b. December 27th in London.

     English Painter and Printmaker.
  1927 Hayter founded the legendary Atelier 17 studio in Paris

  1929 divorced Edith Fletcher.

  1931 Julian Trevelyan attends his atelier.

  1933 David Gascoyne attends his atelier, as does 

  1933 David Gascoyne visits him and first meets Zadine, Helion, Max Ernst 
     and Pavel Tchelitchew.
     Gerard Vulliamy attends.

  1935 assists Roland Penrose in the organization of the 1936 London 
     International Surrealist Exhibition.

  1936 Friends with Len Lye.

  1938 January; exhibits in Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme? 
     at the Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris; organizers Andre Breton, Marcel Duchamp.
    Works with  Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso and Kandinsky -> creating print 
    editions (Fraternite and Solidarite) to raise funds for the support of the Republican 
    cause in the Spanish Civil war

  1940 m. Helen Phillips ->.
    Moves his Atelier to New York.
    April; attends a meeting in Barcelona Restaurant called by ELT Mesens 
    for all Surrealists living in London
    Present : Buckland-Wright, Herbert Read, Roland Penrose, Humphrey Jennings, 
    Jacques Brunius, Ithell Colquhoun, Eileen Agar, Edith Rimmington, 
    Stanley William Haytor, AC Seter, Reuben Mednikoff, Grace Pailthorpe, 
    Gordon Onslow-Ford?, Charles Howard. 

     Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko made prints at the New York Atelier 17.
     During WW II collaborated with  Roland Penrose and others in setting 
     up a camouflage training unit.

  1950 returned to Paris.

  1951 Pierre Alechinsky -> studies at his atelier.

  1971? divorced Helen Phillips.
     Lived with Irish poet and writer Desiree Moorhead.

  1988? d. May 4th. Paris.

     Among the artists Hayter was credited with influencing were Pablo Picasso, 
     Alberto Giacometti, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall ->,
     Jackson Pollock ->, and Mark Rothko ->.

     See wiki -> and atelier ->

     Artists  at Atelier 17 (1927 - 1955). 

     See Timeline