1917 Aug. b. Paris? 
    French,  Actor, Model and Muse.

  1928 Friends with Antonin Artaud and Jean-Louis Barrault ->.

  1935 Photographed with Nusch, by Man Ray.
Larger ->.
    Modelled for Balthus, Andre DerainD?, Wols and Alberto Giacometti.

  1936 Photographed by Dora Maar with Pablo Picasso. 
    Femme accoudee au radiateur ->, Mougins ou Saint-Tropez.
    Also photographed -> with Jacqueline Lamba. 

  1938 Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme?. 
    Decorated a mannequin by Gaston Paris.

  1939 Friends with Alberto Giacometti and Sylvain Itkine.
    Owned a cabaret with Agnes Capri.

  1941 June. Party at apartment of Robert Desnos and Youki with Georges Hugnet, 
    Paul Eluard and Nusch.

  1943 Feb. Arrested. Internment first at Drancy then at Beaune la Rolande;
    then deported to the concentration camp of Sobibor ->. 
    March 30th. d. Sobibor.

  1946 Portrait sketch by Antonin Artaud on learning of her death.

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