1923 July
    Organized by Tristan Tzara assisted by Louis Aragon; 
    Posters by Robert Delaunay and Zdanevich.
    Films by Hans Richter and Man Ray; 
    Music by Erik Satie, Ivor Stravinsky, Darius Milhaud, and Georges Auric; 
    Cardboard costumes by Sonia Delaunay and Theo van Doesburg; 
    with a performance of Tristan Tzara's three-act play Coeur de gaz. 
    During course of evening someone shouts: "Picasso dead on the field of battle!" 
    (referring to the death of Cubism), which shocks Andre Breton into jumping to the 
    stage to come to Cubism's defense. 
    During the commotion Breton hits the actor Pierre de Massot with his cane, breaking his arm 
    and precipitating a full-scale riot that continues until the police, called by Tristan Tzara, 
    arrive to restore order. 

    Francis Picabia's La nourrice Americaine (1920) consisting of three rising notes only "repeated to infinity."
    Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes experimented in composing music, using a roulette wheel and other 
    devices to string together pitches by chance.
    Georges Auric's very early and uncharacteristically biting Adieu New York.
    Darius Milhaud's notorious "shimmy" and first jazz-inspired work Le Caramel Mou.
    Totally unknown composer .
    Erik Satie.
    Marcel Duchamp's  Musical Erratum. 
    Igor Stravinsky.

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