1903 b. Japan
    Japanese poet, artist, and critic, who introduced Surrealism to Japan before World War II.

 1926 First published his poems.

 1935 Contributed to Cahiers d'art, number 5-6 - article on Surrealism in Japan.

 1940 Published the first monograph on Joan Miro.

 1945 All his papers destroyed in a bombing raid.

 1950 Meets and guides Toshiko Okanoue.

 1958? Visited Salvador Dali at Cadaques. See -> and also ->.

 1967 Published Poetic Experimentation by Shuzo Takiguchi 1927-1937 

 1979 d. Japan.

   See Drifting Objects of Dreams (pdf) ->: The Collection of Shuzo Takiguchi and also ->.

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