[[1911] b.  Sheila C. Chetwynd Inglis in Penzance, England

    Went to Paris for a time, hoping to become a model of Man Ray.

 1934 m. and left Rupert Legge with whom she had a son adopted out.

 1935 Living Earles Court. 
    Writes to David Gascoyne a fan letter when 'A Short Survey of Surrealism' 
    came out. pdf ->.
    Affair with David Gascoyne. 
    Part of the organizing committee for the International Surrealist Exhibition. 

 1936 Sketched by Man Ray
   International Surrealist Exhibition - Phantom of sex appeal
    Inspired by Salvador Dali, directed by David Gascoyne and dressed by 
    Motley (the theatrical designers), she stood in Trafalgar Square clutching a 
    seemingly dismembered leg, her own head transformed into a giant rose, to 
    herald the Surrealists' assault on London. 
    Photographed by Claude Cahun 
    Also in the photograph of the opening of the exhibition  
    Standing (L-R) Rupert Lee, Ruthven Todd, Salvador Dali, Paul Eluard, 
    Roland Penrose, Herbert Read, , George Reavey and Hugh Sykes Davies. 
    Sitting from l(L-R) : Diana Brinton Lee, Nusch Eluard, Eileen Agar, 
    Sheila Legge, unknown (friend of Dali).

  1937 Participated in the surrealist objects show at the London Gallery.
     E L T Mesens wanted to employ her as a secretary. 
     Affair with Rene Magritte. 
     She is also believed to have had some sort of affair with Salvador Dali. 
     There are rumours of letters since lost or in a private collection.

  1942 Meets John Lodwick -> in Orange, Vichy France.

  1945 Living with Lodwick in Penzance and their two Children.

  1949 05 Jan d. Banyols sur Mer - see ->.

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    Phantoms of Surrealism ->

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