1891 June 6th. b. in London (wiki says Glasgow) as Louis Freeman. 
      English Self taught Painter.

  1900 Living in Glasgow; left school paractically illiterate.

  1904 Joined the Scottish Rifles.

  1931 Moved to Toronto; changed his name.

  1935 Began his artistic career.

  1945 Returned to London. 
      Solo Exhibitition at the Arcade Gallery alongside Surrealist Diversity
      Later traveled to France to meet Jean Dubuffet and Pablo Picasso, who both 
      acquired examples of his work.

  1972? d. London.

      See Greedies and Fishes -> .
      See wiki -> and work -> and more ->.

      Peddler Turned Painter ->  - Anthony J. Petullo and Katherine M. Murrell (2004). 

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