1906 b. 13April 13th. in Dublin.
   Irish Writer and playwright. 
 1923 Enters Trinity College.

 1928 Oct; moves to Paris, meeting Eugene Jolas, Paul Valery, Adrienne Monnier, 
    Nancy Cunard, Sylvia Beach and James Joyce.
    Joyce taught me what it meant to be a real artist. 

 1929 First meets  and Georges Reavey?.

 1930 Whoroscope published in her Hours Press by Nancy Cunard 
    (with whom he had a brief affair).

 1932 Translates poems by Andre Breton, Paul Eluard (L'amoureuse -> see translation ->) 
    and Rene Crevel which are published in a special Surrealist edition 
    of This Quarter.

 1933 Translates for Nancy Cunard for her Negro Anthology.

 1937 Brief affair with Peggy Guggenheim.

 1938 Stabbed. 
    Starts affair with Suzanne Dechevaux-Dumesnil.

 1940 Joins French Resistance. See article ~>
    In particular the Gloria Network ~>.  

 1945 Croix de Guerre and the Médaille de la Reconnaissance Française.

 1952 Publishes Waiting for Godot -> and gains financial support from Georges Neveux 
    via the auspices of Roger Blin.

 1959 Starts affair with  ; (see also ->.

 1961 m. Suzanne (largely as legal measure for inheritance purposes).

 1965 Samuel Beckett's ; silent black and white with Buster Keaton ->.

 1969? Nobel Prize for literature.

 1989 Dec 22nd. d. Paris.  

   See Chronology and web -> and wiki ->.

   Among his translations are those of eight Paul Eluard poems, 
   The Drunken Boat by Rimbaud, 
   Zone by Guillaume Apollinaire, and nine maxims by Chamfort.

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