1890 06 Dec b Rudolf Schlichter (or Rudolph Schlichter) in Calw, W├╝rttemberg.
  German painter

  1913 Lithograph ~>
  His fetish works he often signed Udor Retyl. 

  1914 Auspeitschung ~>

  1919 Moved to Berlin

  1920 Exhibited at Erste Internationale Dada-Messe ~> (Ger) or International Dada Fair
  Dada Roof Studio  ~>

  1925 Participated in the "Neue Sachlichkeit" exhibition.

  1933 Lady with Red Scarf ~>

  1935 he returned to Stuttgart. 

  1937 His works were seized as degenerate art and he was forbidden to exhibit by the Nazis

  1939 Went to Munich.

  1942 Studio destroyed by Allied bombing.

  1955 May 3rd d. in Munich

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