1913 b. March 3rd. Reims.
    French, Writer sociologist and intellectual.

 1927 Jean Paulhan stayed with him after trying to call out Andre Breton for a duel.
    Part of the group Le Grand Jeu with Andre Thirion and Rene Daumal ->.

 1932 Joined the Surrealists.

 1935 Meetings with Claude Cahun.
    With George Bataille involved in Contre Attaque group. 
    Publishes in Minotaure; splits with Surrealism.

 1936 Contributes to Georges Bataille's review Acephale
    Joins with Tristan Tzara, Louis Aragon, Bachelard and Jules Monnerot 
    in single issue Inquisitions.

 1937 Teamed up with Georges Bataille and Michel Leiris to found the College de sociologie.

 1940-1945 Wartime in Argentina.
    Participated in journal Sur led by Victoria Ocampo ->.
    Translated Jorge Luis Borges ->, Alejo Carpentier ->, Gabriela Mistral -> and Pablo Neruda ->.

 1978? d. September 21st. 

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    See Edge of Surrealism (pdf) ->: A Roger Caillois Reader 

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