1915 Jan. 24th. b. Aberdeen, Washington
   American painter, printmaker, and editor.

 1940 Moved to New York.
   Introduced to Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp and Andre Masson.
   Studied with Kurt Seligmann.
   Roberto Matta introduces him to William Baziotes who became a close friend.

 1941 Journey by boat to Mexico with Roberto Matta.
   Met his future wife Maria Emilia Ferreira y Moyeros.
   On his return met  Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner and William Baziotes

 1944 Plays chess with Max Ernst whilest visiting the exiled surrealists 
   in the East Hamptons.
   First one-man show at Peggy Guggenheim’s “Art of This Century” gallery.
   Member of the editorial board of the surrealist magazine VVV and a contributor 
   to Wolfgang Paalen's journal DYN.

 1949 Divorced Maria.

 1950 m. Betty Little with whom he had two daughters.

 1951 Publishes a definitive history; The Dada Painters and Poets.

 1991? July 16th. d. Provincetown, Massachusetts.

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