1985? Apr. 12th. b. Paris.
   French  Painter.

 1908 After a term in the military working as a regimental librarian, he met Sonia Terk.

 1910 m. Sonia Terk.

 1911 Friends with Marcel Duchamp.

   At the invitation of Wassily Kandinsky ->, Delaunay joined Der Blaue Reiter ->.

 1912 Travels to Berlin with Guillaume Apollinaire and met Max Ernst.

 1913 Member of the Puteaux Group.

 1916 During the summer in Tossa del Mar near Barcelona worked in a small circle 
   of refugee artists that included Francis Picabia, and Albert Gleizes? 
   and Marie Laurencin.

 1917 The Delaunays met Sergei Diaghilev in Madrid.

 1921 Congress of Paris committee  consisted of seven people - Andre Breton, 
  Georges Auric, Fernand Leger, Robert Delaunay, Amedee Ozenfant, 
  Jean Paulhan and Roger Vitrac

 1923 Poster for Soiree du Coeur A barbe   
 1936 Knew Re Soupault.

 1940 Peggy Guggenheim owned at least one of his paintings.

 1941 d. in Montpelier from cancer

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