1892 b. April 23rd. in Frankenau, Hessen-Nassau.  
     German Poet Writer and drummer.
  1916 Ivolvement with Dada. 
    Part of Cabaret Voltaire with Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Tristan Tzara, 
    Jean Arp, Marcel Janco, Sophie Taeuber, and Hans Richter along with others.
    Poem End of the World ->.
    Together with Tristan Tzara and Marcel Janco writes and performs 
    the simultaneous sound poem The admiral in search of a house to rent
    in German, French and English.

  1917 Meets Raoul Hausmann.

  1918 Returns to Berlin from Zurich.
    Feb. delivers his first Dada Speech.

  1922 Moves to Danzig; Meets and m. Beate Wolff a collagist.
     Dispute with Kurt Schwitters.

  1925 Ships surgeon, sailing to Far East and Africa.

  1928 Visted Russia, Manchuria and China for Berliner Illustrirte.

  1933 Expelled from the writers union.

  1936 Fled to New York under the name of Charles R. Hulbeck with wife, son Thomas 
    and stepdaughter.    
    Practised medicine and psychiatry.

  1970 Moved to Switzerland.

  1974? d. April 20th. in Muralto, Switzerland.

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