1906 b. in London into a Jewish family of Russian extraction. 
   English Painter.

 1920  -1923 Studied at St Martin's School of Art.
 1923 - 1935 Worked mainly in advertising.
 1933 Victor Neuburg -> inscribes and dedicates a copy of his 
   Songs of the Groves, Records of the Ancient World to Reuben.

 1933 - 1934 Held an exhibition at the Keane Galleries in London.

 1935 Met Grace Pailthorpe at a party given by Victor Neuberg, a satanist 
   and lover of Aleister Crowley->
   She encouraged him to paint as she wanted him to bring his memories to a conscious level.
   Visited by Wolfgang Paalen and Yves Tanguy.

 1937 Orgiastic Melody
?c=a10 larger ->.
 1940 Both expelled from British Surrealist Group by Edouard Mesens and Roland Penrose.

 1942 - 1943 He started calling himself Richard or Ricki.
   Eight years in America W. Coast and New York.

 1948 He was "adopted" by Grace, he changed his name to Richard Pailthorpe. 

 1949 Published the poem "The Bee is Strong" in The Occult Observer.

 1955 Opened the Little Georgian Antique Shop in Hastings, Sussex.

 1971? d. Hastings six months after Grace.

   Grace and Ricki analysed each others' works, and in the 1930s, were described 
   by Andre Breton as 'the best and most truly Surrealist' of any artists 
   living in Britain. However, their scientific analysis of art went against the views 
   of other members of the  
   British Surrealist group, and they were 'expelled' in 1940.

   Sluice Gates of the Mind ->: The Collaborative Work of Pailthorpe and Mednikoff - Leeds Museums & Galleries.

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