1896 b. Rene Francois Ghislain Magritte in Lessines, 
    In the province of Hainaut, Belgium.
    Son of Leopold Magritte, who was a tailor and textile merchant and Regina (nee 
    Belgian surrealist Painter.
    The mind loves the unknown. 
    It loves images whose meaning is unknown, since the meaning of the mind 
    itself is unknown.
 ==Later Life==

 1910 Began lessons in drawing. 

 1912 His mother committed suicide.

 1913 First meets Georgette Berger. 

 1916 - 1918 He studied at the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

 1922 Meets Marcel Lecompte -> who introduced him to Giorgio de Chirico's 

The Song of Love ->

   in the pages of the review Les Feuilles libres. 
   He also becomes friendly with Victor Servranckx ->; (see also ->).
   Magritte married Georgette Berger. (Photo ->).
   She becomes his model and chief inspiration. His Muse ->.

 1925 meets Paul Nouge.

 1926 Magritte produced his first surreal painting, 
  Le jockey perdu (The Lost Jockey). 
   He and Edouard Mesens helped form a Belgian Surrealist group that included 
   Paul Nouge, Camille Goemans, and Louis Scutenaire.

 1927 first exhibition in Brussels; 
   Moved to Paris; befriended Andre Breton, and became involved with the 
    Meets Joan Miro, Paul Eluard, Max Ernst and Jean Arp.
    Portrait of Art patron Gustave van Hecke. 

 1929 Cadaques, Spain; the Magritte family stays at the home of Salvador Dali 
   in the company of Joan Miro, Paul Eluard and Gala.   
   Magritte contributes to the final issue of the "La Revolution Surrealiste". 
   He paints the first version "The treachery of Images".
   Meets Luis Bunuel.

 1930 Breaking with the surrealists he returned to Brussels.

 1932 Cover illustration for Andre Breton 
   Qu'est-ce que le surrealisme?

 1933 Contributed to Le Surrealisme au service de la revolution.

 1934 The Human Condition. (See).
 1936 Portrait of Irene Hamoir. Affair with Sheila Legge.

 1937 Commissioned by Edward James for a painting in his London house in 
   Wimpole St. 
   Not to be Reproduced.
   Marcel Marien starts a correspondence with him.

 1940 Marcel Marien collaborates with him.
   Magritte and his wife move to the South of France to Carcassonne
   where he forges Renoir, Picasso, Leger, Klee and De Chirico  1.

 1946 Illustrates -> Madame Edwarda by Georges Bataille.

 1947 Alexander Iolas his American dealer, successfully exhibits his work in New York.
   Photographed with Marcel Marien, Louis Scutenaire, Paul Nouge and Noel Arnaud 
   at the Congress of communist writers, Antwerp. 
   Sheherazade ~> to Joe Bousquet.

 1948 He illustratesMaldoror Lautreamont's complete works with 77 drawings.

 1949 meets Jane Graverol.

  ==Later Life==
 1959 Suzi Gablik -> visits and stays several months taking part in several of his short films.

 1960 Visit to Andre Breton in Paris. Meets with Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst and Man Ray.

 1962? Marcel Marien with Leo Dohmen published a pamphlet a La Grande Baissee, 
    for a major retrospective of the work of Magritte at Knokke Casino 
    purportedly written 
    by Magritte and announcing absurd price reductions of his work.

 1967 d. August 15th.

 1968 Gui Rosey's poems Signes de survie aux temps d'amour published with a 
    frontispiece painted by Magritte.

    Magritte (World of Art) - Suzi Gablik (1985)

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 1 See "La Reproduction Interdite: Rene Magritte and Forgery" by Patricia Allmer in pdf.

    See Timeline