1897 b. January 21st. or 22nd. in Salle les-d'Aude -> on the Midi Canal. 
   French Sculptor 
   His father was Raoul Iche from Saint-Marcel (Aude) and his mother Ernestine 
   Lucie Maillet from Ouveillan (Aude).
   Raoul was a pharmacist and a radical socialist.
   Rene was educated at Lycees in Narbonne and then Carcassonne  where he became 
   life long friends with Joe Bousquet
   Wounded and gassed in World War I.
   Friend of Max Jacob,  Guillaume Apollinaire, Pablo Picasso,  Jacques Lipchitz->,
   and Ossip Zadkine ->.

 1919 Moved to Paris.

 1921 Joins the Atelier of Antoine Bourdelle; See also ->. 
   Birth of Laurence.

 1923 Showing at the Salon des Independants his work Forfaiture was censored as "indecent".

 1925 Work on project cancelled as being too "Pacifist".

 1926 Death masks of Paul Eluard and Federico Garcia Lorca.

 1928 m. Rosa Achard.

 1930 Finished death mask of Andre Breton. 
   Birth of Dau. Helene (who became a designer).

 1937 Made a Guernica sculpture -> on the day (April 27) of the announcement 
   of this event.

 1938 Casts a medal -> in honor of the strength of his friend Joe Bousquet.
   Participated in the Degenerate art exhibitions organised by Jean Bazaine 
   He sculpted La Dechiree (The Torn) -> which was brought to London 
   and given to General de Gaulle, becoming one of the symbols of the French Resistance. 
   See .
   It was modelled by his 19 year old daughter Laurence Iche who was a member of 
   La Main a Plume and married to Robert Rius, resistance member and former  
   secretary to Andre Breton.

 1940 He was amongst one of the 200 pioneers of the French Resistance  in the 
   Groupe du Musee de l'Homme. 
   Michel Leiris was also a member.

 1942 Wrestlers on the ground.
   July; after the arrests of  Boris Vilde -> and   Anatole Lewitsky ->; then of Paul Hauet -> and
   Germaine Tillion,
   He became agent P1 assigned to the Cohors-Asturies, northern branch of the secret 
   army commanded by his friend  Jean Cavailles ->.
   At the end of the war he was very much affected by the loss of his son-in-law 
   Robert Rius and of his friends  Otto Freundlich ->;  Raymond Burgard ->; EĀ‰milie Tillion -> 
   and Max Jacob. 

 1954 d. December 23rd. Paris

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   Le mystere de la Dechiree video -> and also ->.
   D'art d'art viseo ->.

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