1900 b. Paris. 10th Aug
 French - Writer - Novelist and Essayist
     The most beautiful of the Surrealists
     "Crevel was born rebellious the way others are born with blue eyes." - Philippe Soupault.
     Influenced by the French symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud.
 1914 His father committed suicide by hanging himself. 
    Educated at the Lycee Janson-de-Sailly and pursued his studies at the Sorbonne.
    Studied English at the University of Paris. 
    During military service met Marcel Arland, Jacques Baron, Georges Limbour, 
    Max Morise and Roger Vitrac.

 1920 Performed in Tristan Tzara's play LECMOM 3rd Diens together with Nancy Cunard 
   and Eugene McCown ->.

 1921 First edition of magazine Aventure with Marcel Arland, Georges Limbour, 
    Max Morise and Roger Vitrac.
    Invited by Andre Breton to join the Surrealist movement. 

 1922 Friction with Robert Desnos.
    Included in the Painting At the Rendezvous of Friends by Max Ernst.
    His lover was the American artist Eugene McCown.
    Photograaphed by Man Ray.
 1923 October; excluded from the Surrealists.

 1924 First novel Detours.
    Contributed to the Transatlantic Review.

 1925 Signed the Declaration of January 27 1925.
    During this period, Crevel wrote novels such as Mon corps et moi ("My Body and Me"). 
    Acts in Tristan Tzara's play Handkerchief of Clouds with Nancy Cunard 
    and Eugene McCown ~>.
    Contributes to the collaboration of Paul Eluard and Max Ernst ''Au Defaut 
    du silence'' a hommage to Gala. 
    One edition had manuscripts by Gala and original drawings by Max Ernst 
    and Giorgio de Chirico.
    Publishes essays Lautrémont, ta bague d'aurore nous protège in the Belgian magazine 
    Disque vert (see ~>) - 'Comme si' and 'Les portes du merveilleux'. Later illustrated by Joan Miro in 1957 and published as Bague d'Aurore..

 1926 Diagnosed with tuberculosis which made him start using morphine. 
    Relationship with Klaus Mann. 
    Attends a Dinner -> with Pablo Picasso at the Paris home of Antonio de Gandarillas and 
    Eugenia Errazurizin. 

 1928 Passionate three-month relationship in Berlin with Mopsa Sternheim, 
   (dau. of Carl Sternheim), also an addict. 
    Photographed by Berenice Abbott. 

 1929 Rejoined the Surrealists.

 1930 Writes pamphlet The Bronte Sisters, Daughters of Wind illustrated 
    by Marie Laurencin.
    From left to right: Tristan Tzara, Paul Eluard, Andre Breton, (Hans) Jean Arp,  
    Salvador Dali, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst, Rene Crevel, Man Ray.
    Contributed to Le Surrealisme au service de la revolution?.

 1931 Mr Knife, Miss Fork part of his book Babylon Translated by Kay Boyle 
    with reproductions of frottages by Max Ernst.
    Sept; Lectures at Sala Capcir, Barcelona with Salvador Dali.

 1932 Crevel formed a revolutionary writers' and artists' association.
    Samuel Beckett translates some of his poems which are published in This Quarter.

 1933 Publishes Les Pieds dans le plat (Putting my Foot in It). 

 1934 Signatory to Appel a la Lutte against the rise in fascism.

 1935 Crevel, who according to Salvador Dali, was "the only serious communist 
    among the surrealists" was isolated from Andre Breton and other surrealists, 
    who were unhappy with Crevel because of his homosexuality and upset with communists 
    as a whole.
    Left the Surrealist Group.
    He was also a popular socialite, a regular guest at events hosted by the likes of 
    Nancy Cunard, Comte de Beaumont, and the Princesse Murat. 
    He had great enthusiasm for Josephine Baker, Douglas, and La Revue Negre.
    Andre Breton, Louis Aragon, Paul Eluard and Man Ray were all 
    friends of Crevel's. 
    He regularly visited and corresponded with Gertrude Stein and Rene Char.  
    He met HG Wells in the South of France. 
    Money troubles forced him to sell his paintings by his friends Pablo Picasso, 
    Jean Arp, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst and Marie Laurencin. 
    Both Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel travelled to Spain with him.
    Tried, unsuccesfully to get the International Writers Committee to lift their 
    ban on the Surrealists following Andre Breton's public slapping of Ehrenburg ->.

 1935 Suicide 18 June. Please Cremate me. Disgust. 

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