1898 b. November 11th. in Paris as  Rene-Lucien Chomette. 
   French  Film Maker.
 1924 His surrealist film Entr'acte
   Cameo appearances by Francis Picabia, and Erik Satie. 
   Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp play a game of Chess
   Score by Eric Satie?
   Dec; New Years Eve, helped organize an extravaganza incuding Bronia Permutter 
   and Marcel Duchamp.

 1926 m. Bronia Perlmutter.

 1931 Georges Auric writes a score for him
   Rene Lefevre -> (founder of Masses) appeared in Le Million.
   Albert Valentin was his 2nd. director on A nous la Liberte. 

 1938 In Hollywood; visited by Luis Bunuel.

 1944 Working in Hollywood, renews friendship with Luis Bunuel.

 1947 On the panel which vindicated Antonin Artauld?'s work 
   Pour en Finir avec le Jugement de dieu together with Jean Cocteau, Paul Eluard, 
   Raymond Queneau, Jean-Louis Barrault ->, Maurice Nadeau, Georges Auric, Claude Mauriac ->.

 1957 Satrap in the College of Pataphysics together with Jean Ferry, 
   Michel Leiris, Joan Miro.

 1981 d. March 15th in Neuilly.

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